Maxis is Patching Up SimCity With 3.0 Patch


While SimCity patch 2.0 failed miserably with hilarious results, patch 3.0 will be focusing on things I’ve always heard to be the main problem, beyond spotty server issues and its draconian DRM method. Issues such as weird traffic routing and waste pathing.

From what I’ve heard, traffic tends to act very weird in some instances and it can make the general population act in counter-intuitive ways from how you’d expect them to act in a normal city. Like, everyone leaving home and work at the same time making top of the hour traffic something out of hell. But patch 3.0 promises to fix that. More hotel models will also be added to create more variety in your city. So you know, it won’t appear like one chain has the hospitality market cornered in your city.

The entire list can be viewed on the EA forums. Have fun speculated whether it’ll actually be good or if it’ll produce the world’s loudest trees.

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