Lobo is in Injustice Along with a Load of Costumes

Lobo is out now for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners of Injustice: Gods Among Us for $5 (400 Microsoft Points). This marks the beginning of Injustice‘s four character DLC plan. You can also still buy the season pass for $15 (MS points) to get him along with the three future DLC characters plus the Flashpoint costume set. There’s also a compatibility patch to download in order to continue playing online whether or not you buy Lobo, but this patch comes with a free Batman costume from Flashpoint.

Also available outside of the season pass’ offerings are two additional costume packs. The Bad Girls pack gives Catwoman’s Selina Kyle outfit, Wonder Woman’s #600 appearance, and Harley Quinn’s classic TV costume. The Teen Titans pack has Cyborg’s, Raven’s, and Deathstroke’s original comic debut costumes. Both packs are $3 (240 MS points) and are separate from the season pass so you’ll have to pony up even after buying the pass. Might I add, yes to Harley Quinn’s classic outfit and man was Cyborg’s design ugly back then.

Lobo’s debut trailer details his comic book origins. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in how he plays, know that there’s no doubt he’s good. He can break 40% damage in a combo no sweat! Most other characters need longer, more complicated combos with more meter to get close to Lobo’s damage output!

via Destructoid

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