Tetris Can Fix Your Lazy Eye


Some video game news from mainstream media outlets that isn’t about how video games  it turns our nation’s youths into deviant killers: Canadian doctors have found that letting children with lazy eye play Tetris will rectify their eye problems in a much more effective manner than wearing an eye patch.

The most common method of treating lazy eye is to have the patient wear an eye patch over their good eye, which forces the weaker eye to work harder and hopefully straighten out. Normally this method can take months but the patients undergoing the Tetris method showed more improvement over two weeks than patched patients.

The volunteers for the Tetris experiment wore special goggles that allowed the lazy eye to view the falling blocks while the normal eye could only see the bottom. While that sounds crazy-crazy hard, making the weak eye power through the difficult task is precisely how normal rehabilitation works. After taking the goggles off, their vision only improved further and one can only imagine they were incredibly good at Tetris.

Researchers even said that the method could work with any game. Of course, Tetris sounds the easiest to have your eyes focus on. I mean, good luck with any FPS game ever.

via BBC

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