Halo 4 Granted Forge Island April 11th, Multiplayer Tweaks


Free, open creation in Halo 4? It’s coming April 11th. Forge Island is expansive enough to recreate any of the Halo sagas biggest maps or the latest user created concepts. This is far more massive than the current set-up of user maps, and offer plentiful opportunities to create wild designs.

Also incoming are tweaks, the first being a number ranking that was, previously, a background calculation. Players will be given a number from one to 50 to represent their skills, something that initially 343 decided against. They did not want players to play for numbers. That line of thinking has changed.

In-game, player deaths will now be marked with an X, a needed indicator as following a line of bodies in the middle of a match has been difficult. Camouflaged players will be less so when they shoot now, and the deadly Warthog Gauss cannon will be toned down. On top of all this, the latest title update will mean changes will be feasible in the background without updates. Convenience for the win!

Image: Joystiq

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