Week in Arcade: Giana Sisters, Alien Spidy


With $25 of games this week, you’ll need to open your wallet for both.

Alien Spidy

Puzzle platformer that asks for extensive precision out of its audience. Sent from a planet of spiders (!), the little critter crashes down to Earth and much take in bunches of glowing orbs while swinging from objects. Jumping is fine, but mapping the web throwing to the right stick means inaccurate throws in the middle of death-dealing jumps. The system needs to be a hair more automatic, but instead, the webs used to sling pass by, and Alien Spidy plummets to his death… but he’s a spider. So that’s okay.

Giana Sisters

Stunningly beautiful platformer spawned from what was, at one time, an intentional Mario Bros. clone in the early days of PC gaming. Now, it might even be fresher than any of Nintendo’s efforts. How ironic. Shifting worlds between the two sisters means one of explosive color, and the other of simpler palettes. Each “side” of the world has different collectibles, meaning swaps are frequent. Smoothly animated and sharp on its physics, the game is a gem and a genuine looker. Plus, it has a style all its own.