Battleblock Theater’s Long Awaited Release is April 3rd

Finally, after nearly four long years of waiting on The Behemoth’s next game, Battleblock Theater, is set to release on April 3rd. That’s pretty close!

First announced in 2009 as Game #3, The Behemoth has teased us with screens, videos, and bits of info over the year but the game had almost taken an almost Duke Nukem amount of time and development. But with the recent beta finished, it looks like Battleblock Theater is finally at the end of its road and The Behemoth celebrated the occasion with a snarky video acknowledging the long wait. Don’t worry Behemoth. We’re cool.

Battleblock Theater is set to drop for Xbox 360 and will be worth what may be the best 1200 MS points you’ve spent yet. It looks like the game is following Castle Crashers’ example as well, leaving the prospect of a PSN release a pipe dream at best until some serious motivation comes their way.

via The Behemoth