Terraria to Include 4-Player Splitscreen


Back in the day, splitscreen used to be such a big deal and leaving it out was such a condemnation. Nowadays, people aren’t asking why it’s not around anymore but Terraria‘s console port hasn’t forgotten!

New screenshots were released that show off screen real estate being divvied up like back in ye olde Goldeneye days from the N64. It’s not pretty to think that you’re actually not having an entire screen to yourself, but at least you and your friends can relive the old days of same room multiplayer, when you could threaten physical violence when things don’t go your way.

This could be a decent bullet point to pique my interest in rejoining the world of Terraria on my console. Of course, I’ll probably play it online with friends, the very method of multiplayer that made splitscreen irrelevant today.

via Joystiq

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  • alex

    ya but why should we have to pay for a game and then pay to play with our friends… turns a 60$ game into 100$