Tomb Raider’s Multiplayer Should be Avoided


Some of the reviews for Tomb Raider surprised me.  The low scores (in the mix of great high-end tallies) were a shock. Tomb Raider was, to me, one of the best adventure games of this generation. Reviews as always are opinions. Some people won’t like the game at all, and that’s fine, but it turns out the scores were low – in most cases – because of the multiplayer. Then I understood.

It’s too much to delve into the realm of reviews and whether or not superfluous versus multiplayer should dock a game’s final score. That is another topic all together. Let’s just focus on the mutitplayer: It is an absolute mess.

I’m unsure if the multiplayer was farmed out to another studio, but it would not be surprising. After playing through the single player with its generous helping of gunplay, versus match-ups feel downright archaic. It’s as if they are running on an entirely different engine, the sub-par performance not much of a help either.

There are some decent ideas here. Like Uncharted 2, the gameplay mixes in adventure elements. Maps can be toyed with in terms of creating hazards, blocking pathways, and more. In objective types (three modes – of four – are objective based), this changes the approach routes and strategy. Maybe there is a decent game here after all.

Sadly, we will never see it. The mode is a clear afterthought meant to be a dumping ground for DLC (and there is plenty of it already). Short of a major sales boon and general curiosity, the damning gunplay is enough to push any potential community away. Sure, you can stick around to earn bonuses, make loadouts, and customize characters, but you can do all of that in far better versus modes. Why waste the time here when the island within the campaign still beckons?

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  • And THIS is why game studios need to knock it off with shoehorning multiplayer into games where it doesn’t belong. This attitude of “MUST HAVE MULTIPLAYER” is idiotic at best.

  • gamereviewgod

    I think part of it comes down to price point. The game needs to be $60 because studios will never say, “Hey, single player game for $40!” That whole idea of a static price point needs to change. Also, DLC sales factor in too, but if no one plays multi, the money spent on creating the DLC stuff is wasted too. It’s a lose lose that no one seems to be picking up on.