That Scott Pilgrim Online DLC That Hasn’t Come Out Really Is Now


Remember when I said the Scott Pilgrim: Online Multiplayer+Wallace Wells pack was slated for August 19th? And then it didn’t? That’s was probably really embarrassing! But you know the good news? Major Nelson actually listed the online DLC pack will be going live on February 6th! Now that’s what I call a source!

To recap, this pack will add online functionality to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World as well a new playable character, Wallace Wells the roommate. You’ll need to fork over 160 MS points for something that was probably more than just a good idea three years ago. If you’re wondering why the weird snafu, it turns out Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley was in the dark just as much as us. He was never in contact with Ubisoft about the creation of the DLC.

But hey, at least Special Forces Seal Team X is also slated for release February 6. That looks like good old fashioned fun!

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