The Top 5 Modern 3D Video Games


Like it or not, 3D is here, and it is spectacular when done well. Why not celebrate the ones that show off the technology better than any other? Like anything, not all console 3D is created equal, so these are the best of the best out of the games we’ve played. These not only showcase almost no performance drop, they leap from the screen to the max potential of this tech.

#5: God of War Collection

Sony’s upgraded PSP ports may suffer due to their low polygon counts, but they make up for it with outstanding depth. Kratos seems to float in the mid-air as he decimates foes, and his swinging wrist blades peek out of the screen when in proper position. These ancient locales leap from their 2D frames, and enemies jump into the fray right in front of you. The game suffers from limited cross talk and offers plenty of “wow” moments to take in.

#4: Halo Anniversary

Xbox 36o fans, I’m sorry, but the hardware does not do well with 3D. Despite have the capabilities, actual functionality is rather bland… except for Halo. While the new engine and expanded tech may have kept 3D from Halo 4, this remake shines. Master Chief’s gun points ominously towards his opponents, and they fire back with colorful weapons that almost seem to stray of the screen. Massive structures seem to extend for miles, and scoping is genuinely thrilling. The HUD pops out to simulate Chief’s mask, turning the player into one of gaming’s best.

#3: Killzone 3

The fight against the Helghast is varied, and as much as Killzone 3 finally found this franchise’s groove, it also solidified the PS3 as a 3D beast. Aiming down the sights is never done better than it is here, with a legitimate deep focus that sells the concept. Massive vehicle sections has huge guns peering into the center of the frame, selling their scale better than the standard 2D experience. Battlefields littered with rubble have layers to them, and running through them is hugely immersing.

#2: Sonic Generations

Think 2D games cannot benefit from 3D? Think again. Sonic is in rare form here, and as thrilling as the 3D sections are with elements speeding by, the extension of 2D backdrops extends Sonic’s world for miles. Elements pop out to add definitive separation between backgrounds and actual platforms. The game is also tremendously bright to counter the dimming effect of the glasses. Oh, and yes, the actual modern style third-person sections are just awe-inspiring.

#1: Super Stardust HD

Running at a rock solid 60fps with no noticeable dip in resolution, this is a performance master as well as a depth master. Players control a ship floating above a planet which in turn is floating in space. Super Stardust is simply there. The game is a downloadable, must have gem that scatters a seemingly infinite number of particles directly at the player when they perish, or take down a floating UFO boss. Simply put, there is no better effect to see in 3D. Even during standard play as giant asteroids peak out from the center of the frame, this is a dominating 3D winner. If you have the equipment, this is a must play.

Honorable mentions: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, MLB: The Show 12, De Blob 2, WipeOut HD

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