Persona 4 Arena Is $20 At GameStop Right Now


Persona 4 Arena was one of the more well-rounded fighters from last year, avoiding certain pitfalls of criticism that have been leveled against Street Fighter X Tekken and having far more respect from the community then PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. In fact, it was a great game! Which is all the more reason for you to know that it’s only $20 right now at GameStop.

Do you have your own opinions about going to GameStop? Well, Atlus seems to be pretty jazzed about it. So if a the developers are excited to tell everyone about a fire sale on their game, I’m more than happy to pass along the news. Persona 4 Arena is a great game and if you’re doubtful about it, here’s a low entry barrier to convince you to give it a try.

via Atlus USA

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