Uncharted 3’s Co-op Weekend Is Filled With Double Cash And Rare Loot


Remember that Uncharted 3 has co-op? Well get acquainted, because not only will you be getting double cash guaranteed, but you’re chances to get some rare treasure have pretty much doubled across all its multiplayer avenues. Actually, the rates are tripled in¬†Crushing Co-Op Adventure! Who needs doubles when you got triples? The lucrative updates are live now and remain in place until Tuesday, December 18th.

Naughty Dog also mentions that this is the first of many promotional weekends. They’re even hinting at more Uncharted festivities next Tuesday! Nothing like boosted rates to get interested in multiplayer, right?

It’s worth mentioned that Call of Duty: Black Op 2 is also in the thralls of its own double xp weekend right now. December is the month of gift giving after all, and what better gift from devs to gamers than extra experience points?

via Naughty Dog

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