Starcraft II to Introduce Race Leveling in Upcoming Heart of the Swarm update

Leveling up is all the rage these days. Monsters can level up, soldiers can level up, and even guns can level up. In Starcraft II‘s upcoming Heart of the Swarm update, now you can level up any of the three races. Soon you’ll be able to level up an entire species.

It works as expected and with all the customizable goodies you could hope for after grinding your enemies into dust. Each of the three playable races will have their own experience bar for you to fill. Playing in Blizzard matchmaking or even custom games on Blizzard maps nets you experience for whoever you won as, whether it’s Terran, Protoss, or Zerg. And like a lot of contemporary leveling systems these days, not only will you be earning rewards like portraits and decals, but there will also be unique XP bonuses like your first win of the day.

While each race has a separate level bar, your player handle will have a level bar that represents the cumulative score of all three races. So if each race maxes out at level 20, you know you’re in trouble if you get matched with a player with a level score of 60.

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