Week in Arcade Part Deux: Joe Danger 2 – The Movie

A Friday release again, and this time it’s a $15 sequel.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

It took what seemed like ages for the first Joe Danger to hit XBLA, so this sequel might seem soon, but it’s not when you consider the original PSN release. Anyway, this one deviates enough in terms of environments and style to justify its existence as a true sequel. Elements on the track change strategy, and new moves create trick potential worth the risk. It’s clear Joe Danger wants a little of the Trials HD audience, and honestly, it deserves it. Both can be devilishly difficult, but owning a perfect run is pure gaming bliss. There are too many references and too much energy to dismiss this effort entirely even if you’re not a fan of this style.

  • notch

    i hate this game