New 3DS Model Official: 3DS XL Available August 28th, $199

Nintendo took the internet to announce a new version of the 3DS, oddly waiting until a week after E3 despite hosting three separate events during the industry’s big show. The Nintendo 3DS XL will feature a 4.88 inch top screen and 4.18 incher on the bottom. Battery life will slightly improve over the prior model in spite of the significant size boost in the screens (stated as 3.5 to 6.5 hours while playing 3DS titles (3 to 5 hours with the standard 3DS). You can expect to pay $199 for the unit but note that the AC adapter is not included, an odd decision. Update: Japanese versions will not include AC adapters. US versions will offer them. Make of that what you will.

Other announcements include paid DLC for new New Super Mario Bros. 2, Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, and Animal Crossing. Once more, why wasn’t this information divulged at E3?

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