Week in Arcade: Babel Rising

If you don’t have a Kinect (or $10), this isn’t the week for you.

Babel Rising

Ported from iOS, there’s an idea worth exploring here, but Babel Rising doesn’t hone in on what that is. Babylonians are trying to defy you (god, effectively) by building a tower. You have to stop them. Basic material, and primed for Kinect, assuming slaughtering hundreds -if not thousands- of innocent lives with nature’s wrath is how you saw yourself in a god-like power trip. The idea is sound but too simple, focused on this tower while the menagerie of possibilities that exist outside of that tower could pour on the awesome. Want to take out entire towns and villages like the most uber-Godzilla ever? Too bad. The Kinect works well enough even if it’s sluggish, and clearly, this was meant for touch controls, but it’s manageable. You’d probably want to start on iOS though.

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