Max Payne 3 Answers the Question of Getting Bullet Time Into Multiplayer

Multiplayer shooters often need an ace up their sleeve to get noticed and Max Payne 3 is looking to accomplish that with a new trailer brandishing their multiplayer mode. Not only does it take place within the confines of Max Payne’s drug fueled gang warfare atmosphere but it solves the problem that has no doubt plagued developers for centuries: how do I get bullet time to work in multiplayer?

Rockstar’s answer to bullet time with multiplayer is to have it work within the confines of the player’s view. So I guess that means both you and the target you’re looking at will experience bullet time while everyone else will see you moving as normal. The trailer reveals multiplayer for Max Payne 3 working to full effect. Third-person views, bullet time shoot-diving, and even an emphasis on Max Payne’s noire driven story telling through the dynamically changing mission objectives.

I’ve never really been a Max Payne guy but I have to admit, this trailer has got me interested. The game is due out May 15 for North America and the 18 for most other territories.