Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Be Free to Play on Both PC and Vita

The monster known as the free to play model has sunk its teeth into Phantasy Star Online 2, which will not only be free to play on PC but also the PlaystationVita. The PC version is set for a mid-2012 release but you’ll have to wait for the Vita version in 2013. Of course, it wouldn’t be a product without some method of revenue and for F2P, that of course means microtransactions.

PSO fans are a dedicated if not cult-like bunch, so there’s even more news in order to keep them posting bitter comments about how the PSO series has gone downhill. While a closed beta is planned for the game, a special character creator is set to release on April 5 and it promises to be one of the most expansive customization suites yet.

PSO is one of those games with a loot system, so it’ll be interesting how the microtransaction system works. Of course, any microtransaction systems works by appealing to your instant gratification. So instead of grinding for hours to be better than that one guy, you can now pay your way to being better than him if that’s how things are going to pan out on PSO2. We’ll just have to wait and see if PSO2 can recapture that old glory.

via Destructoid

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