Nintendo’s Handing Out Shiny Pokemon At VGC

Nintendo’s holding the “Pokemon Video Game Championships” across the months of March and April in Europe, but that doesn’t mean you have to win to get something out of showing up.

Fire up your game’s wireless mystery gift function and you’ll net yourself a shiny Larvitar. Shinies, in case you don’t know, are extremely rare palette swaps of Pokemon that have a 1 in 8,191 in appearing in the game, whether it’s in the wild or in a trainer battle. There’s absolutely no difference between the two besides color and yet they’re still sought after, especially if the color variant looks nice.

The shiny Larvitar also has some unique perks. It’ll come with the move Superpower, which is normally only possible from the move tutor from Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver and it’ll be carrying the hard-to-get Chople berry.

The championship start in Birmingham on March 3, so bring your copy of Pokemon Black or White and snag yourself an investment. Because Larvitar’s evolved form is one of  the best in the game.

And for the record, my first shiny was a Rhyhorn in Pokemon Emerald. And it was from the Safari Zone.

via Nintendo Magazine UK

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