PlayStation Vita to House Call of Duty Title This Fall

Portable Call of Duty. It’s happened before, but not on hardware that can handle it specifically like the Vita. Dual analog sticks mean everything after all.

SVP of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth stated the mega-billion dollar franchise is confirmed not only for the Vita, but that it is also due this year.

One of the touted Vita features is the ability to play something on the PS3, say a game of MLB: The Show, and continue later on the portable unit. At least, that’s how easy the expensive marketing campaign makes it out to be. Imagine that same cross-platform connectivity applied to Call of Duty, where your levels, prestige, and weapons would be accessed even in portable form. That said, keeping the fidelity and online play alive on the Vita is asking more than is possible… most likely.

There’s still no word on whether this Vita edition will have anything to do with the yearly Call of Duty being released, speculation leading to a Black Ops sequel.

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