Vita Memory Cards Priced a Little Better for US/UK

Sticker shock hit when the Japanese prices for Sony’s Vita proprietary memory cards landed on the web. Who wouldn’t feel a little cheated at $30 for the smallest card (4GB)? SD cards of the same size are all of $6, as are Memory Stick Duos.

As it turns out, it won’t be quite as bad on launch for first day buyers. US/UK prices are coming in under what everyone was expecting, so maybe you can convince yourself that you’re getting a discount. A 4GB stick will run $20, 8GB for $30, 16GB for $60, and 32GB for $99. Sony is also issuing an official package deal that includes a 4GB card, screen cover, card case, shammy cloth, and a pocket case for $40.

It bears repeating that some games do require a memory card for saves, so it’s an added and necessary purchase for first day’ers.

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