PSA: Green Lantern on 360/PS3 is Spectacular

It’s not often that something flies under the radar anymore unless it’s a small indie title, but these things can happen. Case in point? Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.

It’s as if every summer we have the possibility for some gem based off a summer blockbuster, a few years back Kung Fu Panda surprising just about everyone. Well, Green Lantern is this years Kung Fu Panda. For our purposes, Green Lantern is a 3D beat-em-up in the God of War vein, but with co-op. It’s a six or so hour excursion through a story NOT based on the film, but a comic-like narrative detailing the invasion of the robotic Manhunters.

Mixed in with the fluid combat and increasingly pleasant combos are some mild puzzles and winding levels that fit into the pacing of the action instead of working against it. They work to break up the monotony of slashing everything, and it’s even better in 3D, Green Lantern turning the old anaglyph 3D into a workable effort (in additional to that newfangled stereoscopic). It’s amazing what a focused design can do, and if this one came out nowhere for you too, add it to the list of “things to do” during a summer lull in game releases.

Oh, and on that note, avoid the 3DS version, a clunky, sluggish, technical monstrosity that only has a narrative in common with its console brethren (and it’s not co-op).