Japanese Government Halts PSN Re-Launch

If you were following the PlayStation Blog, you were likely eagerly awaiting the entire world turning green in a frenzy of online bliss… except it didn’t. Japanese officials have refused to let Sony turn the service back on. Ministry of Economy Content Industry director Kazushige Nobutani was quoted by Dow Jones Newswire:

“As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1st press conference.”

There’s no statement as to what it is specifically Sony has not done, but it seems to be tied around the security:

“… we are asking Sony whether their measures are good enough when compared to countermeasures taken in the past.”

In other words, they’re sticking up for the users on this one, even if those users want to get back into their usual gaming routines. The bigger question is why Japanese officials don’t feel safe with the current set-up, but everyone else did.

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  • Anonymous

     i live in Okinawa and this blows lol

  • Anonymous

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