Gold Selling Site Floods Web with “Press Releases”

Gold farming

Gold-selling website ByGamer has issued a press release regarding their recently redesigned site. In it, they state that visitors can enjoy a more pleasing layout and site navigation, and also claim that the website update has resulted in a significant boost in website traffic and sales. ByGamer in particular has been issuing quite a few press releases lately, which would give them an air of authenticity if it wasn’t such a blatant advertising ploy. These press releases are not only incoherent and filled with self-promotion; but their most recent release has a “testimonial” from a new customer by the name of Monica, who claims, “It’s amazing! What a beautiful site and Buy WOW Gold here is absolutely a good choice!”

Purchasing in-game currency with real money is a touchy subject in the MMORPG world. A recently translated interview with Blue Hole Studio about the upcoming MMORPG TERA touches on the botting issue in the Korean version of the game, which sparked a heated conversation on the official TERA forums that inevitably spilled into the subject of gold farming. One the one hand, players argue that the gold and virtual goods sold had to come from somewhere – whether it’s bots, gold farming accounts or hacked player accounts. All of these methods hurt the game world and player experience: bots and farmers inflate the game market and of hacked accounts are literally stolen goods taken from a real player. On the other hand, there wouldn’t be gold sellers like ByGamer if there wasn’t a profitable market for virtual goods, and some players desire to be the best as quickly as possible, even if it means paying for it with real cash.

The subject of gold selling has even attracted government attention, with nations like South Korea ruling that the exchange of virtual currency for real money is perfectly legal (though the trade is subject to taxation).

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