NCsoft Considering a Blade & Soul iPhone/iPad Spin-off Game

An April Fools' Day image showing Blade & Soul running on the Apple iPhone

Last year, NCsoft had a little April Fools’ Day fun with its upcoming Martial Arts MMORPG Blade & Soul, claiming that they were working on an iPhone version of the game. According to a recent article by Korean gaming site This is Game, NCsoft actually is working on a Blade & Soul iOS project for the iPhone and iPad.

NCsoft is currently hiring an Art Manager, Client programmer, and a Server Programmer for the iPhone/iPad development project. While this project is described as a spin-off, the need for a Server Programmer suggests that it is being developed with a multiplayer aspect in mind.

NCsoft is looking for developers who have experience with the Unreal 3 Engine. If Epic Games’ recently released Infinity Blade iOS game is any indication, a Blade & Soul iOS title running on the Unreal Engine has the potential to look as good as the PC incarnation of the game.

The video below was released by NCsoft last year as part of the Blade & Soul April Fools’ Day joke. While the content does not portray what we can expect from the Blade & Soul iOS spin-off, it is certainly a thought-evoking teaser, if only for the possibilities it presents.

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