En Masse Discusses Westernization and Races in TERA

Two Baraka jumping into the fray (TERA, En Masse Entertainment)

TERA is an action-centric MMORPG from Korean developer Blue Hole Studio, which has entered its opened beta phase in South Korea and is expected to launch later this year in North America and Europe. With the influx of new information from the open beta, North American publisher En Masse Entertainment explains its approach to the “Westernization” of TERA, and provides a look at two of the game’s playable races as well as the archer class.

En Masse emphasizes that they are doing more than simply translating text for western audiences. En Masse is re-adapting not only world lore and storytelling, but the gameplay as well. “Yes, there are times when funny translation mishaps drive us to change things, but as we Westernize TERA, we’re looking at the game as a whole and distinguishing what type of gameplay our players want and what kind of story will pull them in.”

The Baraka Race:

Unlike the draconic Amani, who were slaves to the giants in the past, the Baraka instead descend from them. Despite their lineage and enormous stature and appearance, the Baraka are not at all like their cruel and violent giant forefathers, but are instead a peaceful and intelligent race. Yet they are still formidable fighters, and are just as comfortable defending their allies as they are studying and learning.

The Popori Race:

Perhaps the most immediately recognizable of races in TERA, the Popori are animalistic forest spirits created by the Elin. As such, they have a simple and child-like quality about them, particularly regarding matters of social interaction and communication. Yet their cuddly appearance and mannerisms belie their fearsome battle prowess.

The Archer Class:

Acrobatic and swift, archers excel at long-range combat. In a game that focuses on manual-aiming and action-based combat, tactics are crucial to an archer’s play-style, and the class can utilize more their basic magical bolts to give them an advantage in battle. Not only can archers deal damage from afar, but they can lay traps on the ground and evade very well, allowing them to bait and weaken enemies while keeping themselves at a safe distance.

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