Dragon’s Call Teases New Feature – Combine Magic Formation

Combine Magic Formation (Dragon's Call)

While the Sacred Wings expansion for the 2D, turn-based, browser-based fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Call has not yet been released, EverDream Studio is teasing players with some new in-game features to ease the wait. “Combine Magic Formation” is the first of these features.

In order to utilize this new feature, players must first undergo few crucial steps:

  • A “Spirit Core” must be acquired from defeated enemies.
  • A “Magic Scroll” must be purchased from the Gem Store.
  • As the image above illustrates, both the Spirit Core and Magic Scroll must be placed on the Combine Magic Formation interface.
  • Upon hitting “Generate,” a list of magic items will appear in the top of the Formation. Players must select the item they want to acquire.
  • By placing a Gem into the slots on the bottom of the interface, players can increase the success of the formation.
  • All that’s left is to click on “Start,” and to cross one’s fingers.

Dragon’s Call will introduce “Combine Magic Formation” today, November 11th.

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