Blade & Soul – Blade Master Details Revealed

Female Jin Blade Master, posing with six summoned swords (Blade & Soul, NCSoft)

NCSoft has revealed very little information about their the next big MMORPG, Blade & Soul. While the title boasts a fantastic art style (with character designs by Hyung-Tae Kim) and fantastic martial arts action elements, virtually nothing about the game is known other than what we have already seen in trailers. With the advent of the G-Star event this November, NCSoft has loosened their grip on information and has started teasing fans with morsels of mythology and details on their impressive character classes, starting with the stylish sword-wielding warriors, the Blade Masters.

Posted on the official Blade & Soul website (Korean), this informative column is the first in a series of posts by NCsoft detailing the relationship between gameplay and oriental fantasy. This summary is based on the translation on Blade & Soul fansite Blade & Soul Dojo, by contributors Yuan and Elimer.

Blade Masters summoning swords (Blade & Soul, NCSoft)

As you can already see from the gameplay in the G-Star trailer revealed last year, Blade Masters wield their swords gracefully and powerfully. The development team has worked diligently to capture the ultimate in sword-wielding oriental fantasy, and focuses particularly on the Blade Master’s most obvious and impressive ability: the summoned sword. This impressive feat is a culmination of a Blade Master’s discipline, and is broken down into in four phases.

  • Learning way of the the sword is the first step. Mastery of the movements of swordsmanship is crucial before moving on to the next phase.
  • The second phase involves wielding Chi. The prospective sword master must be able to channel the chi out of their body and into their sword.
  • The third phase requires mastery of a Blade Master’s Chi. By condensing and focusing the Chi encasing their swords, it perfectly takes the form of the blade, becoming a super weapon, essentially a Chi-infused light saber. This is a very powerful state.
  • The ultimate expression of this mastery of Chi and skill is the flying sword, which is essentially the ability to wielding a sword using only Chi. Controlling a blade without physically wielding it is the ultimate state in oriental fantasy, and the goal all Blade Masters should strive for.

Read the complete translation at Blade & Soul Dojo, and be sure to check back for the Kung Fu master details very soon.

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