New High-level Instance Revealed for Dragon’s Call

Mutas Judge artwork, Dragon's Call

EverDream Studio has revealed details on the latest instance for its 2D, turn-based, browser-based fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Call. Designed for high-level players, this instance, called “Mutas Shrine,” is expected to give elite Dragon’s Call players the challenge they have been asking for.

“We never expected our players were able to level up this fast,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Torrez, “but luckily our new update is coming soon which relieves us a bit.”

Designed around a sea environment, the Mutas Shrine offers players plenty of exploration and new enemies, as well as an interesting back story. Snakemen assembled on the Twilight Islands centuries ago, where they worshipped Python Mutas as their God. But an ambitious religious archon named Immortal Oro and his fanatical followers are threatening to spread out and cause ruin throughout the continent to honor their God, starting with the inhabitants of Glazed Isle.

Mutas Shrine is a medium scale instance, with an estimated playtime of 25-35 minutes. Monsters range in level from 105-112, and the minimum level required to enter the instance is 103. The shrine offers one main boss, Immortal Oro, as well as Bishop Vidasue and Pontiff Agade as branch bosses. In addition, the shrine introduces three new monsters to fight: the Mutas Fanatic, Mutas Boa, and the Mutas Judge.

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