Nobuo Uematsu Discusses Final Fantasy XIV in Making of Eorzea video

Nobuo Uematsu discussing the music of Final Fantasy XIV

Nobuo Uematsu is considered by many to be a crucial part of the Final Fantasy experience. In truth, his works have defined music in the series; compositions like “The Prelude” (also known as the “Crystal Theme”) and the “Final Fantasy Theme” have become staple tunes that virtually every title features in some form or another. It has been ten years since Nobuo Uematsu has fully composed for a Final Fantasy game (Final Fantasy IX was the last title he composed entirely unassisted), which makes Final Fantasy XIV’s score a promising return to what one could consider the heart of the series’ music.

Uematsu estimates that there are 70 or 80 songs in total. In the “Making of Eorzea” video, he discusses the direction he received from the development team regarding music, the composing process and more as well as details on the theme song of Final Fantasy XIV, which was sung by Susan Calloway at Uematsu’s request. Many details regarding the game’s music are discussed, which you can see by watching the video below.

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