Ghost Recon Gets First Wii Release

UbiSoft has the right idea idea. Instead of trying to port their latest Ghost Recon to the Wii, they are giving the series a fresh start, and so fresh it doesn’t even a subtitle like the Xbox 360 and PS3 version Future Soldier, or the PSP’s Ghost Recon Predator.

Instead, the simply titles Ghost Recon is going for an easier approach, the first trailer offering a glimpse at a game that seems to have more in common with your average co-op light gun shooter than a traditionally tactical shooter. While the series took a more intense approach as a of late, Advanced Warfighter more concerned with intensity than being subtle, this Wii edition isn’t even in the ballpark despite the press release promise, “high intensity combat, tactical infiltration and WOW moments.” The trailer shows colored reticules shooting stuff. Still, could be a fun departure, the vastly underrated light gun shooter no longer a thing of the past, but an evolving genre.

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