New Interview Reveals Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Details

Warrior gameplay screenshot, Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet, the developers of the upcoming Guild Wars 2, have been very careful with what information they release to the public, so any new information about the game is cause for celebration. The developers recently interviewed with Univers Virtuels, and volunteered plenty of tiny details about gameplay, weapons, skills, PvE and PvP, and more.

The portion of the interview devoted to “environmental weapons”  is particularly interesting. Environments in Guild Wars 2 have different features which can be used as weaponry, such as rocks, branches and the like. These give players new offensive skills that they can use until the environmental weapon breaks. Enemies can create and use environmental weapons as well, for added depth. Jotun are used as an example: they can throw their sword at players, which then becomes an environmental weapon players can retrieve and wield. Of course, the jotun will try and retrieve it too. This will add an interesting dynamic to PvE and PvP, as players will no doubt scramble to retrieve powerful environmental weapons to give themselves an advantage.

The interview is chock full of nuggets of info about the game, so be sure to scour the full article for more details.

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