EA Adds 93 Create-a-Player Paid Boosts for NHL 11

Update: EA has updated the Marketplace, and there are now 156 items to download.

Browsing the Xbox Live Marketplace today brought with it an interesting discovery. The area of new game add-ons was full of items with no box art, taking up nearly the entire section. All of them were for the same game, NHL 11. The game doesn’t come out until September 7th, yet the DLC is live. What are these 93 items?

Stat boosts such as Skater speed +3, ranging from 80 MS Points to 160 MS Points.

Not only are these listed separately in the Marketplace menu pushing other pieces of actual content off the new release section (more of an issue with Microsoft’s Markeplace design), they are the latest means of EA to further see how far gamers are willing to go. They are no providing actual content. These are not jerseys. These are no stadiums. These are small pieces of code already in the game to boost the player up a notch because they are too lazy to do it themselves.

EA has done this before, but to be clear, these are for specific positions. If you want to update the speed of your wing man, you need to purchase separate DLC for your goalie. They only work for a single position.

Supporting this garbage, this completely asinine junk, only gives the company the perspective that it works. Those of us who won’t pay for it will end up suffering because of those who do. Slowly, leveling up a player will become more difficult, pushing more people into buying stat boosts simply to stay on a level playing field.

Between in-game advertisements, DLC such as this, and other add-on content, why are we still paying $60 for a video game, especially in the case of yearly updated sports games? Can this price be justified? No, it can’t, so when EA sees their sales slipping, maybe it’s because we’re tired of being taken advantage of, like putting up bogus DLC a month before the game it even released.

Note: Many people are noting they did this last year. They are correct. That doesn’t change they put these up a month early in anticipation, and still believe there is a market for it. As one Reddit commentor stated:

“Some are hard to get though, I myself am guilty of buying the +5 acceleration…”

That says it all. The game is designed as such that gaining these items legit is difficult, pushing people towards buying them. It’s not that dissimilar to what happened with the MMO Allods Online, which patched the game rendering it nearly impossible to level up without buying things with real money.

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  • Drew

    You do realize this was first done in NHL 10? If you're going to complain at least try not to be a year late to the party.

  • Creatorswhim

    Yes, I think this is the textbook definition of “asinine.”

  • gamereviewgod

    Last year, they weren't up a month early, and last year, if I recall, there were not 93 different possible items to purchase.

  • gamereviewgod

    Okay, I just looked again. 2010 has 300 items listed as DLC, but some of those are picture packs, videos, and actual pieces of equipment. They do have stat boosts, but I have no idea how many compared to this year.

    Plus, EA just updated and we now have 156 items for NHL 11, a full month before release.

  • Well that don't make sense…………DLC before the game is actually released….>.> lame.

  • EAsex

    This makes me want to rape EA

  • brian hand

    i think the last paragraph sums it up perfectly: why are we still paying fullprice for a game that's 1) being subsidized up the a** with ads , and 2) we are paying full price but not receiving the full game.
    Anyone who buys this junk is a complete tool. it's stuff like this that turns me off gaming altogether.


    I gave up on EA years ago…. I honestly have no problems stealing from EA now….

  • Amorpheus

    If the people buy it they don't deserve better. Capitalism at work…

  • Anonymous

    And that solves nothing and is one of the reasons they are doing this crap in the first place.

  • aangita

    Yes!! We need to suck in their face and not allow them to take advantage of us, because once one major developer does it they all become sheep!

    More annoyingly, you cant repackage and sell that crap either, so essentially you’re paying for the most useless from of digital crap! I swear, they better not do anything this stupid to THE SIMS or I will drop it and never purchase anything EA again!

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  • gamereviewgod

    And that solves nothing and is one of the reasons they are doing this crap in the first place.

  • Redringrepairs

    you shouldn't write about things you don't know. Just like in nhl10, all equipment and stat boosts are unlockable through in-game achievements. Such as scoring 100 goals. Should you decide you don't have the time for this you can purchase anything on the spot instead of working to unlock it. This article is ignorant

  • harv

    Seriously, just don't buy them. It has zero impact on your game.

  • gamereviewgod

    Wrong. They are making it more difficult to level up in-game. One person on Reddit made the statement that he caved last year because it was too heard to level up agility. Player who don't want this stuff are having less of a choice.

  • gamereviewgod

    Having them last year is irrelevant. They put them up a month early this year,. That's the crux of the issue.

    And scoring 100 goal IS not easy. That makes leveling up your player extremely difficult, and like I said in another comment, a person on Reddit gave up trying to increase his agility because of how hard it was. They are purposely doing this so people cave.

  • trat

    never been an EA fan myself

  • This is a bit silly. Yes, the NHL has a contract with EA such that nobody else can release an “official” NHL game. There are other hockey games out there, and really what are you buying with an “NHL” version? Names, photos, vague approximation of statistics, but at the end of the day you're controlling them and the skill of the player does not transfer to you.

    Find a non-EA game you like and play that instead! DISCLOSURE: I have not played any sports games since 1998 when I realized it's just the exact same damned game every single year with more buttons and slightly shinier graphics. If I want to play sports, I go outside!

  • Murdoc Niccals

    and i hope your xbox is bricked because only stupid, low-life people steal games because they either dont apreciate the amount of work a developer puts into a title, or they are to poor to buy a real legit copy.
    P.S. your a douchbag.

    keep commenting gamereviewgod.

  • Winterfresh

    After the terrible release of battlefield bad company 2 for the PC a few months ago, i am reluctant to buy ANY EA game. BFBC2 has been out since like feburary and they just recently made the game playable

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  • Jjgunz10

    lol none of you actually play EASHL where it's very competitive and it almost forces you to purchase these boosts to stay on top of the competition. When you guys play for EASHL clubs that are top 100 in the WORLD then you can start crying about how it doesn't affect you and that you can just go buy a different game.

  • This isn't the first time this type of thing has been done. As long as they don't nerf the actual game to force you to buy the DLC to make it work right, there's no harm to gamers that aren't gullible or lazy enough to buy the stat boosts. And so what if it's up a month before the game's release? That's actually a good thing. Now you know it's there while considering whether or not to pre-order the game.

  • aerophobe

    While there are many, many, many reasons to dislike the strategy EA is taking with their DLC, your statements are, quite frankly, just wrong. The NHL has never signed an exclusivity agreement with anyone. And as much as I love Mutant League Hockey for the Genesis, there are no modern, unlicensed hockey games out there. EA NHL's rival series, NHL 2k, has decided to take a year off to reimagine their game, which has been god-awful for a few years now.

    Furthermore, the NHL series has been significantly updated year after year, with NHL 10 being perhaps the best hockey game of all-time. NHL 11 looks to take the game to the next level with a number of new additions, the most notable of which is the implementation of honest-to-goodness real-time physics engine, which will replace the animation-based system of years past. There is the possibility that it will indeed suck — it seems good so far, and I am hopeful that it won't — but at the very least, the game has indeed been evolving quite drastically. Your argument about sports games being the same every year may have been true in the past, but it's not anymore, especially not with this series. (Madden is a different story…)

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  • shame shame EA…sadly i will now have to compete with all the newbs that you've put on my playing field

  • Thornknight

    I played NHL 10, and 11

    This system is fine. Anything that you can buy in this game you can also unlock by playing the game…. Some are harder then others but nothing is too rediculous.

    Also these “boosts” are not a huge factor in the game. Your stats are out of 100, actually 99, and 99 is the highest of any stat.

    So yeah Say my guy has 94 wrist shot power and so does someone else. Well they bought the +5 wrist shot power boost (+5s are the highest) and now they have 99. They have a slight advantage but nothing that is game breaking.

    Mosts boosts can be unlocked on single player OR multiplayer as well as being bought.

    Ive had the game for a few weeks now and ive unlocked at least half of the boosts and boost slots. Most of the ones i need.

    So everyone complaining needs to actually play the game before they have an opinion on it. So what some 12 year old can use daddy’s credit card and get a slight advantage early on. Im glad EA knows how to capitalize on it.

  • I am a huge hockey fan, I hope this is actually worth it. I thought the fight night 4 create a player feature was lacking somewhat. Hopefully they get it right in NHL.