Vindictus Gameplay/Character Intro: Fiona and Lann

Vindictus, kicking tail and taking names

With Vindictus entering closed beta, interest has been piqued by the game’s unique physics-based action. Aside from being nice and bloody, the game boasts a visceral physics engine that allows for satisfying and flashy combat effects. Players can launch, juggle, and knock around enemies, as well as effect their environments in ways that are typically only seen on console action games like Devil May Cry or Otogi. Vindictus has thrown another bone to it’s hungry audience by introducing two new character videos on it’s official website, detailing their fighting styles and the brutal gameplay that makes Vindictus a must-play title.

Lann is a warrior, which means in-your face combat. He dual-wields weapons to flashy and gruesome effect, quickly darting between targets and unleashing a stunning dance of blades. If Vindictus were a fighting game, you could think of Lann as a “pixie” type character: he moves fast, hits fast, and is very hard to hit. The official website details more about his abilities and history, so be sure to check it out.

Fiona is also a warrior character. If Lann could be compared to Devil May Cry‘s Dante, Fiona would more closely resemble Ninja Gaiden‘s Ryu. She’s a bit slower than Lann, but she makes up for it by hitting hard, and putting her large defensive shield to good use both defensively and offensively. She can deflect damage without sacrificing her position, which makes her a tank in every sense of the word Check out her detailed history and attacks on Vindictus’ official website.

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