Heroes of Three Kingdoms Open Beta Coming July 27th

Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Open Beta announcement header image

Based on the turbulent and heavily romanticized “Three Kingdoms” era of Chinese history, Perfect World Entertainment‘s free-to-play MMORPG Heroes of Three Kingdoms is slated for open beta testing on July 27th.

“The player response to Heroes of Three Kingdoms has been tremendous,” said Product Manager for HOTK, AJ Potter. “We are always striving to excite our fans with new games that resonate beyond the traditional RPG experience. By continually looking for ways to make improvement, listening to player feedback, we are ensuring that we fulfill our commitment to deliver our players the best game possible, and we look forward to delivering this amazing piece of history to North American gamers.”

Heroes of Three Kingdoms entered closed beta testing on July 13th. Testing ends on July 26th, and Tuesday, July 27th sees the opening of the game to the public. Players who have reached level 20 or above before closed beta ends on July 26 will be given an as of yet unnamed buff-item as a reward at the start of open beta.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms offers a variety of character options, a title system with hundreds of different titles and occupations, instances based on historical events, 18 different weapon-types, a robust crafting system, and more. Players itching to play can visit the official website on July 27th and try out Heroes of Three Kingdoms for themselves.

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