TERAfans reveals female Castanic armor renders

Castanic female plate render, TERA. Image from TERAfans

A never-before seen set of armor renders has been unveiled on the TERA fan-site TERAfans. These renders reveal the cloth, leather, and plate armors for the female Castanic characters, one of the six playable races of Blue Hole Studio and En Masse Entertainment’s upcoming action MMORPG, TERA.

Skimpy outfits galore. It seems the heavier the armor, the less of it these Castanic ladies like to wear.

The armor renders, put together by TERAfans member Radacci, show in-game avatars from a pre-Beta version of TERA, which means that they may not necessarily look the same as the game furthers in development. Still, for early renders, the models and artwork look great, though a tad heavy on the eye-candy. But then again, it’s a MMORPG, to hell with practicality, right?

You can check out our favorite picks of the cloth, leather and plate armors, or check out the full set of armor renders from TERAfans.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, so how is this supposed to protect you? seems like it’s only armor in name. :/

  • Guest

    My jaw dropped when I realized that Heavier = Less comment is literally true. Exactly what kind of monsters are in the Tera universe, that a loin cloth and a few well placed doilies can protect you? 

  • sum

    these armor models are jsut horrible and castanics face are ugly imo

  • word

    It’s a video game, It’s suppose to be visually attractive to the players. There target audiance is teen males. They know what they are doing.

  • Saying the audience is juvenile doesn’t give free pass to clear sexism issues. I’d also argue the argue the audience is much older than teen males.

  • Kim

    Which woman would wear clothing like this ??!!!