Allods Online’s Expansion Goes Live & Introduces New ‘Death Penalty’

Allods Online

Allods Online, a highly polished free-to-play MMORPG developed by Astrum Nival and published in North America by Gala-Net, has had it’s fair share of problems since it hit open beta in February. The unpopular “Fear of Death” mechanic, a debuff that penalizes players for dying with a 25% stat-reduction, became an obvious money-grab, as players were required to either wait out the penalty, or fork-over 75 cents to purchase “Incense” which removed the effect. While it may not seem like much money, one needs to keep in mind that players are likely to die very, very often in Player versus Player environments, which ultimately amounts to having a stash of incense handy. In a vast, time-consuming massively multiplayer game, this means quite a bit of cash over a long period of time. The pricing was corrected shortly thereafter, and this new patch/expansion (patch 1.1, Revelations of Gipat) sees the removal of this penalty altogether.

Allods Online

That’s not to say that there won’t be a penalty at all. Death now brings with it a small chance of incurring “Tep’s Curse,” in which one of the player’s inventory slots becomes corrupted, inverting the stats of rare, epic, and legendary items equipped to said slot. To remedy this, players must use a “Scroll of Purification” (which must be purchased from the item shop). Players can also purchase “Holy Charms,” which when equipped, prevents the curse from taking effect. The item is consumed upon a players death, which means players will need to purchase another charm before their next death or risk getting cursed.

While it is nice that the annoying “Fear of Death” is gone, the biggest gripe the player-base had with it was the fact that players were essentially required to purchase these items to bypass a money-grubbing mechanic. This new curse mechanic, while random, doesn’t address the issue: it only makes it more random.

The new patch brings with it a multitude of bug-fixes, a higher level cap (level 42), new quests, new enemies, and of course, the new region: Gipat. Read more about the patch on Allods Online’s own patch notes entry.

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  • exAllodsFan

    this is dead since the patch

  • Joe Blow

    The patch killed the game; this review is too positive.

  • Dracozombie

    I don't disagree. I think Allods got off on a terrible start, and now they're backpedaling to keep their playerbase interested. The FOD system was a blatantly obvious money-grab, and honestly, so is this new system, though it hides it somewhat through the randomness of the curse effect. I'm only “positive” in that I don't want to be overly negative, but I certainly don't like these nickel-and-dime tactics are dirty.

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  • Chode

    patch killed the game, below level 20 you can muddle through but after you cannot advance without paying

    all player damage was nerfed by approximately 2/3, monster hp and damage was increased slightly

    you need a cash shop only item to increase your damage as well as activate the only regeneration ability the item only costs 30 cents for 24 hours of use but the real gyp is the countdown continues whether or not you play

    also you need to pay approximately $2 every 3 levels or so because your gear doesn't come with “upgrade” slots and you need a cash shop item to activate those

    then there is the $12 mount, the $6 bag (bag is basicly mandatory after level 15 or so)

    so yeah this game is dead

  • Warren.LL.B.,B.C.L.

    LOL look at the new changes they made ! ONLY CS tweaks…

    Again, it clearly shows how they only want money and don’t care about their product.
    The game is DEFINITELY dead… i’ve never seen a game so empty.
    Your comments now get censored each time you say your opinion in the forums…