E3 2010: Goldeneye 64 Remake Coming to Wii Exclusively

Remember that rumored Xbox Live Arcade port of Goldeneye 64? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Instead, the game is getting a new push on the Wii, where the remake was briefly debuted in a trailer at IGN, before being pulled. Someone is going to be in trouble. Nintendo is obviously planning to announce this at their press conference tomorrow, but the Internet being what it is, we already know.

The trailer shows a bunch of gamers reminiscing about their days playing the original, and then becoming giddy with excitement when they learn a new one is coming. Then the gameplay kicks off, and… it looks like Goldeneye on steroids. Some of those memories will be a bit tainted by the archaic level design, but the new controls and online multiplayer will likely help people over the hump.

No word on whether this is a disc or WiiWare release, but we’ll know tomorrow for sure.