BioShock 2 DLC “Design Decision” Brought Into Question

2K Games released a map pack for BioShock 2 last week titled the Metro Pack. Fair enough. However, finding someone who has played these maps in ranked matches is probably a bit of rarity. Rightfully, if everyone who enters into a standard ranked mode has the map pack, they have the possibility of entering the rotation. That’s fine… when there is a separate game mode for the new maps specifically… which BioShock 2 does not have.

The official response, from Elizabeth Tobey, senior manager of interactive marketing for 2K, states this is a specific design choice:

“We couldn’t assume all players would purchase the new maps, so we made a design decision to unify the player base and make sure no one got split up.”

How can any of the designers see this is as a proper means to distribute content? They claim to be considering a separate playlist, and suggest creating private matches to see the purchased content. Well, what if your friend(s) did not purchase the new maps? That still does not solve the problem, does it? Of course, there was no notice of restriction prior to purchase of the content, so ranked players had no clue what they were getting.

In a game that is not even in the top 20 on Major Nelson’s weekly list (to be fair, it could be #21; there is no way of knowing), hardcore players are likely fewer, and as such, DLC sales are fewer, making purchasers even less likely to see their content. With DLC maps sort of under fire with the price increase being established by Infinity Ward, situations such as this do little to establish faith in this type of content.

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