Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack $15

Ridiculous. Back when the first string of maps for mutliplayer games first kicked off on Xbox Live, people screamed that $10 was too much. Those who followed the Ghost Recon saga remember that mess well as UbiSoft began the trend of pricing that has come standard.

Now, Activision has taken it a step up. Realizing they have a massive player base, why not jack it up another $5 to push it ever so slightly? The Stimulus Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2, with only three new maps and two remakes, will cost 1200 MS Points.

This is undoubtedly the first step by Activision to see how far they can push a Call of Duty player. With rumors swirling about a subscription model to play on a month-by-month basis, purchasing this only proves that fans need their fix.

Live gamers complained about the $15 price point for Live Arcade games, but lo and behold, they are becoming standard. We complain about supposed downloads being already on the disc, yet we buy them anyway.

It is hard to figure out what else needs to be said, or how else to even say it anymore. The only way around this is to not buy the content. Doing so, you are supporting this slow rising price increase that will, in the future, affect your gaming experience adversely regardless of who you are or what you play. It has become an upward slope, and yet here we sit, fully supporting it.

Let the masses pick up the maps. That’s fine. There is nothing that can be done. By the hardcore audience revolting, change, however slim, can be made.

Don’t say, “It’s only this once,” because it won’t be. Don’t say, “You’re overreacting,” because the slope has already been proven. Don’t say, “It’s a good deal for five maps,” because it’s not.

You have already supported Activision by purchasing the game. That’s $60, and the game was a record seller. They are not hurting. This is a test, and if you buy these maps at this new price point, you have officially failed.

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  • gamereviewgod

    Yeah, rather than waiting, go buy new hardware, a new online account, and a new game plus DLC! That'll show 'em!

  • Nick

    KK asked a friend and try this……go to psn>click search on top right> type in Modern Warfare 2>scroll down until you see stimulis package worked for me

  • silencedtar21

    Stimulus package is available now for modern warfare 2!!!

  • Anonymous

    No, you have to pay for them. If you don’t buy them, the old maps simply stay in rotation for you.

  • lauren

    can you play free for all on the new maps and if so how?! im going crazy here

  • gamereviewgod

    If everyone in the room has them, they potentially enter the rotation. Otherwise, you'll need to play the team modes that allow the new maps only to see them.

  • The

    Wow… I really just wanted to find out if the stimulus package had any new spec ops. It took about twenty minutes of sifting through about 45 people bitching back and forth about the price, but finally I found the answer was no.

    So I’m not going to buy it. Not because I think $15 is too much for a level seven prestige (which I’m not, but to the guys below, clearly this is worth it – I just won’t play it enough)

    And to the guy who wipes his ass with a ten and a five; I’ll give you some much more comfortable toilet paper for far less… Say ten dollars for… a whole roll of it.

  • Iwfix ps3

    Ffs they also have alot of people on ps3 who play mw2 but they don’t allow you to choose what game mode on the map pack

  • lancesmart

    why is free for all not part of the new maps

  • delbhoy

    can you play team deathmatch with the new maps in the rotationdelbhoy

  • fixit778

    fix the new maps so i can play team deathmatch with the new maps as well as the old ones come

  • silencedtar21

    Not sure if everyone has figured it out or not but you can now play the new maps under the choice of play rather than just under stimulus. It will bring up a new map and kick anyone out that doesnt have the package. I think there is a better way they could go about this but they are available. You can also play them now on free for all not sure why it didnt pop up in the stimulus section but it does under free for all now. I'm personally not too fond of the maps themselves maybe because I still don't know them enough but I think they are way too big and have way too many places to camp. How does everyone else like them, that purchased them of course!?

  • brookeasdfjkl

    just buy sets of 400. DUH.

  • Imma Faggot

    Mw2 is BULLSHIT. its all anyone ever talks about in school anymore, and its not even that fun compared to other fps like the whole battlefield series.

  • Imma Faggot

    Mw2 is BULLSHIT. its all anyone ever talks about in school anymore, and its not even that fun compared to other fps like the whole battlefield series.

  • h8 activision

    for all you people complaining about the $15 price tag, don't. In australia we pay nearly $22 (for PS3) or about $20 for XBOX, and going by conversion rates, we're the ones getting ripped off!!!

  • Cam_lakers_7

    get over it if you dont like it go buy a PS3 and make a joint account and split the price with a friend you f u c k i n g cheap c u n t s

  • gamereviewgod

    Out of all the comments this thread has had, this might as well be the stupidest. Your suggestion to avoid paying $15 for a map pack is go out and buy $600 worth of hardware, $120 worth of games, and then break PSN stated policy to get the maps? Huh?

  • Brad


  • gamereviewgod

    Why would a Playstation card NOT work? Not sure if the Visa gift cards are usable or not.

  • Anonymous

    I have to hand it to you… Your name and your comment made me laugh so hard that I wet my pants:))

  • Hahaha

    If i buy this for px do i need to pay for online???


  • Anonymous

    PC you mean? No, it’s free online for PC.

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, so we stop whining about $15 map packs. Then pre-order DLC, on-disc DLC, online passes, always on DRM, “Season passes,” paid cheats, and whatever else they come up with are okay too, right? I mean, it’s only money, and it’s not like this stuff stacks, or you know, I could BUY AN ENTIRE GAME for $15 on the Live Arcade as opposed to a single map pack. It’s not about HAVING the money, it’s about what it’s actually for.