Valkyrie Sky's First Cash-item Update and New Events

"Resurrection" event art for Valkyrie Sky

"Resurrection" event art for Valkyrie Sky

Gamekiss launched an update for its arcade-style vertical-scrolling shoot’em-up MMORPG Valkyrie Sky, adding a new level cap, regions, and cash-items.

The level cap has been raised from level 20 to level 40, and six new regions have been introduced, They are: Fresei, Sessrumnir, Hvergelmir, Logabrid, Noatun and Eljudnir.

Whats more, several heavily requested items from the open-beta test have been released since January 13th. These items are:

Resurrection Coins: One coin resurrects players in a stage. Two are required to revive a fallen party member.

Hiuti’s Marvelous Box: A warehouse that all account characters can share. Obviously convenient for players with multiple characters.

New Pet Scrolls: Four have been introduced; Evolution Magic, which evolves pets to the next stage when it meets certain requirements, Resurrection, a one-time only item that revives a fallen pet, Vitality, a one-time only item which boosts a pets status points by 50 points, and Energy, a one-time only item that boosts a pets status points by 100.

Special items: Scroll of Oblivion, which initializes a characters’ skill points, and the Warrior Soul, which carnets players an extra character slot for the creation of a new character.

"Reborn" event art for Valkyrie Sky

"Reborn" event art for Valkyrie Sky

Valkyrie Sky is also featuring two new events:

Reborn: Starting on January 13 and ending on January 27, a reward (Hluti’s Marvelous Box) will be given to players who reach level 30 with a character created during the event period

Resurrection: From January 13th to January 20th, players who use up a coin set within the event time-frame will be rewarded with an extra set of purchased coins.

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EDITORIAL California Dream Act fails to address the fundamental issue of citizenship

Daily News (Los Angeles, CA) September 7, 2011 THE Daily News continues to support the passage of a federal Dream Act offering undocumented students citizenship, provided they meet certain requirements. These students, who in many cases consider the U.S. their only home, should not be punished for their parents’ decision to break U.S. immigration laws.

In contrast, the California Dream Act now awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature omits the federal bill’s biggest selling point – a path to citizenship – while offering up millions in state funds we can’t afford. web site california dream act

The first of two bills that make up the California Dream Act, AB 130, granted private financial aid to California’s public colleges and was signed into law in July. AB 131, now awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature, gives qualified undocumented students access to state-funded scholarships and financial aid. He should put it aside until the federal Dream Act is passed into law.

Though authored by state Assemblyman Gil Cedillo with the best of intentions, the California Dream Act serves as a glaring example of putting the cart before the horse. Without citizenship, once these undocumented students matriculate through the education system, they are no better off than they were before – without a recognized job, driver’s license or the ability to vote.

Many supporters of the two-bill package recognize this glaring omission, however, they say it is a step in the right direction. site california dream act

There is also a lingering concern over the increased costs to the state at a time when California officials are navigating a financial crisis. The California Student Aid Commission estimated that the bill could incur a cost of $13 million in its first year of implementation.

That is a cost we just can’t afford on a bill that only provides a short-term solution to a huge immigration issue.