Mabinogi’s January Updates: Wishing Trees, Goddesses and More

Nexon's "Mabinogi"

Nexon's "Mabinogi"

Mabinogi has just announced two new events and several updates for the month of January to coincide with the update to the Advent of the Goddess storyline; The Advent of the Goddess completion event, and the Wishing tree event.

With the coming update, the developers are encouraging players to complete the Advent of the Goddess with a random draw. From January 13th to February 9th, twenty random characters from each server (Mari, Ruairi, Tarlach and Alexina) who complete the Advent of the Goddess will receive a Premium Human Character card.

In addition to the draw, the Wishing Tree event will take place from January 13th to the 27th. Players who bring fifty “Wish Notes”, which can be found in treasure chests across Rano and Connus, and attach them to the wishing tree near the Qilla Base camp will be granted a special item.

Two new pet have been added in honor of the winter season, the Adelie Penguin, which has a 6×6 inventory size, and the Emperor Penguin which sports a 6×7 inventory size.

Players who buy a Premium Character Card from the premium shop from January 13th to the 26th will be rewarded with a Nakuru Dragon Pattern Magician Robe as a bonus.

Lastly, Soldier Gachapon has been updated, featuring red-colored items.

Mabinogi is a Celtic-inspired anime MMORPG that uses typical MMORPG game-play alongside a cutesy art-style and world and interesting “life” ¬†mechanics, such as cooking, music playing and the like, to immerse it’s players into the game.

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